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"You cannot expect to have good press if you're not doing good things"

When Paul McCartney sang, “You and I have memories longer than the road that stretches out ahead,” he might have been describing my 35+ year friendship Davida Sherman Dinerman. An accomplished marketing pro with a tennis serve that would make Serena Williams jealous, Davida specializes in tech, cyber security and health IT. Based in Connecticut, she and her teams have earned multiple prestigious marketing and communications awards.

Recently, Davida and her wonderful colleague at Look Left Marketing John Moran invited me to appear on their company’s podcast.

It was a fun time that combined PR insights, great memories of my time at the White House and a few laughs. Hope you enjoy it while keeping in mind the sage advice from President Obama’s campaign guru David Axelrod: If you build a temple without Jesus, you get a warehouse.

To listen, click below:

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